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One of the more recent innovations to the services offered by the online bookmakers is that if you bet with any of the online bookmakers offering the Live Horse racing service you can watch the race you bet on live on your computer.

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Ascot Tote Quadpot Results and Totepool Dividends

Totesport Quadpot BetsOur tote quadpot results for Ascot racecourse are updated after every meeting. Our new service provides all the latest totepool returns and totequadpot dividends for all uk horse racing.

Tote Quadpot Results Archive - Ascot

Saturday, 23rd November 2019127.30
Friday, 22nd November 201971.80
Saturday, 2nd November 201924.20
Saturday, 19th October 201916.80
Saturday, 5th October 201913.60
Friday, 4th October 2019193.50
Saturday, 7th September 201922.60
Friday, 6th September 201946.60
Saturday, 10th August 20197.20
Saturday, 27th July 20197.50
Friday, 26th July 20198.00
Saturday, 13th July 201948.90
Friday, 12th July 201919.00
Saturday, 22nd June 201911.90
Friday, 21st June 201924.20
Friday, 21st June 201920.60
Thursday, 20th June 201938.60
Wednesday, 19th June 201922.00
Tuesday, 18th June 201912.30
Saturday, 11th May 201924.50
Friday, 10th May 20198.40
Tuesday, 7th May 201982.60
Wednesday, 1st May 201914.70
Sunday, 31st March 2019692.00
Saturday, 16th February 201915.50
Saturday, 19th January 201915.40
Saturday, 24th November 201836.70
Friday, 23rd November 201813.50
Wednesday, 20th June 201843.30
Tuesday, 19th June 2018104.80
Saturday, 12th May 201861.70
Friday, 11th May 20184.20
Wednesday, 2nd May 201828.40
Sunday, 25th March 2018106.30
Saturday, 17th February 2018176.60
Saturday, 20th January 201810.20
Saturday, 23rd December 201734.30
Friday, 22nd December 201723.00
Saturday, 25th November 201745.70
Friday, 24th November 201719.90
Saturday, 4th November 201710.00
Saturday, 21st October 20177.50
Saturday, 7th October 2017101.70
Saturday, 7th October 201722.00
Friday, 6th October 2017101.70
Saturday, 9th September 2017229.90
Friday, 8th September 20174.10
Saturday, 12th August 201760.30
Saturday, 29th July 2017696.10
Friday, 28th July 201796.70
Saturday, 15th July 20177.30
Friday, 14th July 201754.80
Saturday, 24th June 201747.00
Friday, 23rd June 201714.10
Thursday, 22nd June 201759.80
Wednesday, 21st June 201761.80
Tuesday, 20th June 201775.70
Friday, 12th May 201710.10
Wednesday, 3rd May 201733.00
Sunday, 2nd April 201735.30
Saturday, 18th February 20179.90
Saturday, 17th December 201625.20
Friday, 16th December 2016120.30
Saturday, 19th November 201637.10
Friday, 18th November 201612.70
Saturday, 29th October 201697.90
Saturday, 15th October 201611.60
Saturday, 1st October 201638.40
Friday, 30th September 2016238.20
Saturday, 3rd September 2016126.20
Friday, 2nd September 20166.60
Saturday, 6th August 201617.80
Saturday, 23rd July 2016105.20
Friday, 22nd July 201620.40
Saturday, 9th July 201610.20
Friday, 8th July 2016108.70
Saturday, 18th June 2016150.10
Friday, 17th June 201698.40
Thursday, 16th June 201651.30
Wednesday, 15th June 201653.60
Tuesday, 14th June 2016402.80
Saturday, 7th May 201648.00
Friday, 6th May 201695.00
Wednesday, 27th April 20169.60
Sunday, 3rd April 201615.20
Saturday, 20th February 201625.50
Saturday, 23rd January 20166.70
Saturday, 19th December 201524.70
Friday, 18th December 20157.30
Saturday, 21st November 20156.00
Friday, 20th November 2015115.20
Saturday, 31st October 201527.80
Saturday, 17th October 201518.00
Saturday, 3rd October 201527.70
Friday, 2nd October 201517.70
Saturday, 5th September 2015137.80
Friday, 4th September 2015149.70
Saturday, 8th August 2015117.80
Saturday, 25th July 201569.90
Friday, 24th July 201530.80
Saturday, 11th July 201524.70
Friday, 10th July 20153.30
Saturday, 20th June 2015444.80
Friday, 19th June 201512.50
Friday, 19th June 201512.50
Thursday, 18th June 201572.20
Wednesday, 17th June 201557.60
Tuesday, 16th June 201528.20
Sunday, 10th May 2015149.60
Saturday, 9th May 201529.70
Wednesday, 29th April 20154.40
Sunday, 29th March 201555.70
Saturday, 14th February 201526.70
Saturday, 17th January 201514.10
Saturday, 20th December 201415.80
Friday, 19th December 20143.90
Saturday, 22nd November 201440.20
Friday, 21st November 201437.40
Saturday, 1st November 201448.30
Saturday, 18th October 201450.10
Saturday, 4th October 201427.60
Friday, 3rd October 20145.70
Saturday, 6th September 20148.20
Sunday, 27th July 201424.60
Saturday, 26th July 2014224.80
Friday, 25th July 201491.70
Saturday, 12th July 201417.50
Friday, 11th July 201426.10
Saturday, 21st June 201415.90
Friday, 20th June 201424.00
Thursday, 19th June 2014137.80
Wednesday, 18th June 201432.60
Tuesday, 17th June 201494.20
Saturday, 10th May 201472.10
Friday, 9th May 20147.70
Wednesday, 30th April 20149.80
Sunday, 30th March 201442.60
Saturday, 15th February 201430.40
Saturday, 18th January 201437.90
Saturday, 21st December 201334.00
Friday, 20th December 201334.20
Saturday, 23rd November 201312.10
Saturday, 2nd November 201371.20
Saturday, 5th October 2013219.40
Friday, 4th October 201322.50
Saturday, 7th September 2013162.20
Saturday, 10th August 201349.50
Sunday, 28th July 201326.00
Saturday, 27th July 2013166.10
Friday, 26th July 20139.70
Saturday, 13th July 201335.30
Friday, 12th July 20138.30
Saturday, 22nd June 201337.10
Friday, 21st June 2013137.90
Thursday, 20th June 201310.60
Wednesday, 19th June 20131,884.60
Monday, 17th June 201338.10
Saturday, 11th May 2013175.10
Friday, 10th May 201324.00
Wednesday, 1st May 201314.30
Sunday, 7th April 2013203.80
Saturday, 16th February 2013105.80
Saturday, 22nd December 201290.50
Friday, 21st December 20121.90
Saturday, 24th November 2012440.80
Friday, 23rd November 201216.40
Saturday, 20th October 20125.10
Saturday, 6th October 2012215.60
Friday, 5th October 20125.30
Saturday, 8th September 2012277.50
Saturday, 11th August 201223.30
Saturday, 28th July 201247.60
Friday, 27th July 201256.40
Sunday, 22nd July 201211.80
Saturday, 21st July 2012116.90
Friday, 20th July 201218.10
Saturday, 23rd June 201258.30
Friday, 22nd June 201268.70
Thursday, 21st June 2012203.70
Wednesday, 20th June 2012246.10
Tuesday, 19th June 2012388.40
Saturday, 21st January 201218.20
Saturday, 17th December 20118.30
Friday, 16th December 201131.60
Saturday, 19th November 201134.20
Friday, 18th November 201115.40
Saturday, 29th October 201172.70
Saturday, 15th October 201148.30
Saturday, 1st October 2011560.90
Friday, 30th September 201116.40
Saturday, 3rd September 201124.60
Saturday, 6th August 20114.10
Sunday, 24th July 2011137.80
Saturday, 23rd July 201147.70
Friday, 22nd July 20118.90
Saturday, 9th July 201110.20
Friday, 8th July 201187.10
Saturday, 18th June 2011103.70
Friday, 17th June 2011263.80
Thursday, 16th June 201141.50
Wednesday, 15th June 201112.20
Tuesday, 14th June 201111.50
Saturday, 7th May 201132.40
Friday, 6th May 20114.40
Wednesday, 27th April 201180.10
Sunday, 10th April 2011127.20
Saturday, 19th February 201147.80
Saturday, 22nd January 201111.10
Saturday, 20th November 201017.30
Friday, 19th November 20107.00
Saturday, 30th October 2010120.10
Saturday, 9th October 201096.80
Sunday, 26th September 201021.00
Saturday, 25th September 201017.40
Friday, 24th September 2010198.90
Saturday, 7th August 20109.40
Sunday, 25th July 201089.50
Saturday, 24th July 201033.60
Friday, 23rd July 201024.10
Saturday, 10th July 201010.80
Friday, 9th July 2010173.40
Saturday, 19th June 201080.80
Friday, 18th June 201030.50
Thursday, 17th June 2010116.00
Wednesday, 16th June 201020.60
Tuesday, 15th June 201045.60
Saturday, 8th May 2010168.30
Wednesday, 28th April 2010188.20
Sunday, 18th April 201032.60
Saturday, 20th February 201026.70
Saturday, 23rd January 201067.40
Saturday, 21st November 200922.90
Saturday, 31st October 200921.50
Saturday, 10th October 200969.50
Monday, 28th September 2009354.60
Saturday, 26th September 2009156.80
Friday, 25th September 200939.70
Saturday, 8th August 2009147.80
Sunday, 26th July 200921.50
Saturday, 25th July 200928.50
Friday, 24th July 20097.00
Saturday, 11th July 20098.10
Friday, 10th July 200922.20
Friday, 19th June 200937.10
Thursday, 18th June 2009134.20
Wednesday, 17th June 200921.90
Tuesday, 16th June 2009413.50
Saturday, 9th May 2009430.80
Wednesday, 29th April 2009160.00
Friday, 27th March 200923.00
Saturday, 14th February 20093.60
Saturday, 17th January 20095.80
Saturday, 20th December 200817.80
Friday, 19th December 200870.50
Saturday, 22nd November 20088.10
Friday, 21st November 200820.40
Saturday, 1st November 200841.60
Saturday, 11th October 200872.40
Sunday, 28th September 200819.80
Saturday, 27th September 200818.10
Friday, 26th September 20089.80
Saturday, 9th August 200884.90
Sunday, 27th July 200839.40
Saturday, 26th July 200840.00
Friday, 25th July 20088.70
Saturday, 12th July 200812.90
Friday, 11th July 200850.60
Saturday, 21st June 2008107.70
Friday, 20th June 2008211.30
Thursday, 19th June 2008140.00
Wednesday, 18th June 2008209.40
Tuesday, 17th June 200830.40
Saturday, 10th May 20086.00
Wednesday, 30th April 200827.40
Friday, 11th April 200821.90
Saturday, 16th February 20087.50
Saturday, 19th January 20089.70
Saturday, 22nd December 200719.40
Friday, 21st December 20077.20
Saturday, 24th November 200737.10
Friday, 23rd November 200711.30
Saturday, 3rd November 200723.90
Saturday, 13th October 200746.30
Sunday, 30th September 2007131.80
Saturday, 29th September 200713.50
Friday, 28th September 200723.70
Saturday, 11th August 20075.10
Sunday, 29th July 200776.20
Saturday, 28th July 200751.10
Friday, 27th July 2007471.40

Free Tote Quadpot Bets

Tote Quadpot
There are a large amount of online betting sites now in the UK and all of the major bookmakers have their own horse racing service you can access on your PC. To attract your custom many of these bookies are offering free bets if you don't already have an account with them. All of these free offers can be used for betting on the tote quadpot bet.

Tote Quadpot Results and Dividends - 19th December


Tote Quadpot Results Archive and Totepool Dividends
Online Tote Placepot Betting

Tote PlacepotFor those who wish to have an interest in the afternoons racing the Placepot provides the ideal bet to keep you involved throughout the day. There are Placepots each day at every British race meeting. The objective of the Placepot is to pick a placed horse in all 6 Placepot races at your selected meeting.

Tote Scoop6 Betting and Results

Tote Scoop6Channel 4 usually have most of the Scoop 6 races each Saturday and they do an excellent job of keeping everyone informed as to how many tickets remain after each race. Quite often the win fund gets very large with winners, sometimes can take home 500,000 plus. There is also a bonus fund so the winner of the Scoop 6 has the opportunity to select the winner of the most difficult race on the following Saturday.

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