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Ayr Tote Quadpot Results and Totepool Dividends

Totesport Quadpot BetsOur tote quadpot results for Ayr racecourse are updated after every meeting. Our new service provides all the latest totepool returns and totequadpot dividends for all uk horse racing.

Tote Quadpot Results Archive - Ayr

Wednesday, 13th November 201930.60
Saturday, 2nd November 2019185.10
Tuesday, 1st October 201925.30
Saturday, 21st September 2019175.40
Friday, 20th September 2019405.50
Thursday, 19th September 201926.40
Saturday, 10th August 201912.50
Monday, 29th July 201928.40
Monday, 22nd July 20195.80
Monday, 22nd July 20195.80
Monday, 15th July 20196.50
Monday, 8th July 20193.80
Sunday, 7th July 20193.80
Saturday, 22nd June 201942.30
Tuesday, 28th May 201914.70
Wednesday, 22nd May 201916.80
Saturday, 13th April 201950.80
Saturday, 13th April 201950.80
Friday, 12th April 2019137.10
Monday, 25th February 201922.70
Monday, 25th February 201922.70
Wednesday, 6th February 201971.50
Sunday, 20th January 201916.50
Tuesday, 8th January 20197.00
Wednesday, 2nd January 201912.80
Thursday, 29th November 201814.30
Wednesday, 14th November 201892.30
Monday, 18th June 2018165.70
Monday, 4th June 201857.80
Wednesday, 23rd May 2018341.40
Tuesday, 22nd May 201826.40
Monday, 7th May 201844.30
Saturday, 21st April 2018178.10
Saturday, 10th March 201822.30
Friday, 9th March 201815.70
Monday, 26th February 201828.00
Sunday, 11th February 20185.70
Wednesday, 31st January 201826.30
Monday, 15th January 201813.70
Tuesday, 2nd January 201813.60
Friday, 22nd December 20177.70
Wednesday, 15th November 201717.20
Saturday, 4th November 201714.20
Monday, 30th October 201726.20
Thursday, 12th October 2017235.50
Tuesday, 3rd October 201726.60
Monday, 14th August 201765.30
Saturday, 12th August 201748.00
Monday, 31st July 201754.30
Monday, 24th July 201721.70
Monday, 17th July 20173.60
Monday, 10th July 2017131.60
Sunday, 9th July 201760.10
Saturday, 24th June 201731.70
Friday, 23rd June 201772.70
Monday, 12th June 201723.50
Monday, 5th June 201735.60
Wednesday, 31st May 201762.50
Wednesday, 24th May 201738.60
Tuesday, 9th May 201721.60
Monday, 8th May 2017108.60
Saturday, 22nd April 2017103.10
Friday, 21st April 201782.40
Saturday, 11th March 201727.50
Friday, 10th March 201782.10
Monday, 27th February 2017104.80
Tuesday, 17th January 201770.20
Monday, 16th January 20179.40
Monday, 2nd January 201715.20
Monday, 19th December 20163.10
Monday, 5th December 201615.20
Wednesday, 9th November 2016203.70
Saturday, 29th October 201699.90
Monday, 24th October 201668.10
Thursday, 6th October 201665.70
Saturday, 17th September 201686.50
Friday, 16th September 2016663.40
Thursday, 15th September 2016110.30
Monday, 8th August 201628.90
Saturday, 6th August 2016106.90
Monday, 25th July 201611.60
Monday, 18th July 201610.60
Monday, 11th July 201645.80
Monday, 4th July 20165.80
Monday, 4th July 20165.80
Sunday, 3rd July 201629.30
Saturday, 18th June 201611.60
Friday, 17th June 201618.10
Monday, 6th June 201611.50
Monday, 23rd May 201644.00
Wednesday, 18th May 201618.70
Monday, 25th April 201613.50
Saturday, 16th April 201655.50
Friday, 15th April 201623.70
Saturday, 12th March 201659.00
Friday, 11th March 201647.50
Monday, 29th February 201617.60
Tuesday, 16th February 201618.20
Tuesday, 19th January 20169.20
Saturday, 2nd January 201618.80
Wednesday, 11th November 20154.80
Saturday, 31st October 201526.00
Monday, 26th October 20158.70
Thursday, 8th October 201585.40
Saturday, 19th September 201523.60
Friday, 18th September 2015458.60
Thursday, 17th September 201553.40
Monday, 10th August 201586.60
Saturday, 8th August 201515.00
Monday, 27th July 201568.90
Monday, 20th July 201570.20
Monday, 13th July 201518.00
Monday, 6th July 201510.90
Sunday, 5th July 201522.30
Saturday, 20th June 20152,096.10
Monday, 8th June 201547.90
Thursday, 21st May 201542.20
Wednesday, 20th May 201533.70
Monday, 27th April 201543.50
Saturday, 18th April 2015201.60
Friday, 17th April 201521.80
Saturday, 7th March 201559.60
Friday, 6th March 2015114.80
Monday, 23rd February 201531.00
Tuesday, 10th February 201529.90
Friday, 23rd January 20156.60
Wednesday, 21st January 201513.40
Friday, 2nd January 201565.70
Wednesday, 12th November 201467.40
Saturday, 1st November 201429.20
Monday, 27th October 201427.60
Thursday, 9th October 2014130.20
Tuesday, 30th September 201414.00
Monday, 11th August 2014268.40
Saturday, 9th August 2014208.60
Monday, 21st July 2014155.80
Monday, 14th July 201432.10
Monday, 7th July 201494.10
Sunday, 6th July 201468.80
Saturday, 21st June 201414.70
Monday, 9th June 201417.50
Thursday, 22nd May 201497.80
Wednesday, 21st May 201413.00
Sunday, 27th April 201411.50
Saturday, 12th April 2014187.80
Saturday, 8th March 201410.30
Friday, 7th March 2014114.90
Thursday, 20th February 201457.90
Tuesday, 11th February 201484.90
Monday, 27th January 201431.40
Thursday, 2nd January 201472.60
Saturday, 2nd November 2013227.00
Thursday, 10th October 201349.60
Tuesday, 1st October 201351.00
Saturday, 21st September 2013543.70
Friday, 20th September 201348.00
Thursday, 19th September 2013351.30
Monday, 12th August 201336.80
Saturday, 10th August 201383.90
Monday, 29th July 201327.70
Monday, 22nd July 2013101.80
Monday, 15th July 20136.70
Monday, 8th July 2013122.90
Sunday, 7th July 201335.60
Saturday, 22nd June 201323.00
Wednesday, 5th June 20133.40
Saturday, 20th April 201388.10
Friday, 19th April 201352.50
Saturday, 9th March 20133.00
Friday, 8th March 2013179.50
Thursday, 21st February 201338.80
Tuesday, 12th February 20138.80
Wednesday, 23rd January 201335.10
Thursday, 3rd January 201319.60
Wednesday, 2nd January 201321.70
Thursday, 11th October 201268.50
Tuesday, 2nd October 201279.50
Saturday, 22nd September 201246.30
Friday, 21st September 201231.10
Tuesday, 14th August 201284.60
Saturday, 11th August 2012782.10
Tuesday, 31st July 201220.10
Tuesday, 31st July 201220.10
Monday, 30th July 20127.20
Monday, 23rd July 201221.60
Monday, 16th July 201217.90
Monday, 9th July 201232.80
Sunday, 8th July 20129.70
Saturday, 23rd June 2012112.10
Friday, 22nd June 201273.40
Tuesday, 14th February 201232.60
Monday, 6th February 201263.20
Monday, 30th January 2012101.40
Tuesday, 17th January 201224.50
Monday, 2nd January 201232.90
Saturday, 29th October 20114.90
Thursday, 6th October 20113.30
Tuesday, 27th September 20116.40
Saturday, 17th September 201126.90
Friday, 16th September 2011258.80
Thursday, 15th September 20118.40
Tuesday, 9th August 201140.10
Saturday, 6th August 201116.60
Monday, 25th July 201137.90
Monday, 18th July 201114.90
Monday, 11th July 201118.20
Sunday, 3rd July 20118.00
Saturday, 18th June 2011275.90
Friday, 17th June 20113.90
Thursday, 26th May 201159.90
Wednesday, 25th May 2011500.70
Saturday, 16th April 2011107.20
Friday, 15th April 201121.10
Saturday, 12th March 201114.80
Friday, 11th March 201171.90
Thursday, 24th February 20113.80
Saturday, 12th February 2011339.30
Monday, 3rd January 201130.40
Sunday, 2nd January 201175.30
Saturday, 30th October 201013.60
Friday, 22nd October 201048.20
Thursday, 30th September 201062.00
Saturday, 18th September 201056.00
Friday, 17th September 201013.30
Thursday, 16th September 201093.50
Thursday, 26th August 2010248.30
Wednesday, 25th August 20107.70
Saturday, 7th August 201040.20
Monday, 19th July 201034.50
Monday, 12th July 201014.10
Sunday, 4th July 20104.70
Saturday, 19th June 201037.60
Friday, 18th June 201010.50
Thursday, 27th May 201024.50
Wednesday, 26th May 201023.10
Saturday, 17th April 2010158.50
Friday, 16th April 201017.60
Thursday, 25th March 20105.40
Saturday, 13th March 201069.50
Saturday, 13th February 201058.00
Wednesday, 2nd December 200917.00
Saturday, 31st October 2009230.60
Friday, 23rd October 200910.40
Thursday, 1st October 200989.00
Saturday, 19th September 2009101.60
Friday, 18th September 2009298.80
Thursday, 17th September 200917.10
Thursday, 27th August 200931.10
Wednesday, 26th August 200975.30
Saturday, 8th August 200938.70
Monday, 20th July 200920.70
Sunday, 5th July 20099.10
Saturday, 20th June 20097.50
Friday, 19th June 200949.30
Wednesday, 3rd June 200916.90
Thursday, 28th May 200910.50
Saturday, 18th April 2009347.90
Friday, 17th April 200956.00
Thursday, 19th March 2009275.70
Saturday, 7th March 200944.10
Friday, 6th March 2009132.60
Thursday, 19th February 200913.00
Saturday, 7th February 20098.90
Sunday, 25th January 20098.30
Saturday, 10th January 200943.60
Monday, 15th December 200813.00
Monday, 24th November 20085.80
Saturday, 1st November 200812.20
Thursday, 2nd October 200817.00
Saturday, 20th September 200887.60
Friday, 19th September 200840.30
Thursday, 18th September 200838.00
Thursday, 28th August 2008404.60
Wednesday, 27th August 200827.00
Saturday, 9th August 200840.60
Monday, 21st July 2008165.00
Monday, 14th July 200859.50
Sunday, 6th July 2008155.50
Saturday, 21st June 20088.10
Friday, 20th June 200868.40
Thursday, 29th May 200838.60
Saturday, 19th April 200847.50
Friday, 18th April 200849.80
Thursday, 27th March 200848.90
Saturday, 8th March 20084.60
Friday, 7th March 200840.30
Thursday, 21st February 200836.50
Saturday, 9th February 200824.10
Wednesday, 2nd January 20085.90
Wednesday, 5th December 200788.80
Monday, 26th November 200724.40
Saturday, 3rd November 200716.20
Friday, 26th October 200721.20
Thursday, 4th October 200741.80
Saturday, 22nd September 2007287.90
Friday, 21st September 20076.80
Thursday, 20th September 2007259.60
Wednesday, 29th August 200736.90
Saturday, 11th August 2007133.00

Free Tote Quadpot Bets

Tote Quadpot
There are a large amount of online betting sites now in the UK and all of the major bookmakers have their own horse racing service you can access on your PC. To attract your custom many of these bookies are offering free bets if you don't already have an account with them. All of these free offers can be used for betting on the tote quadpot bet.

Tote Quadpot Results and Dividends - 19th December


Tote Quadpot Results Archive and Totepool Dividends
Online Tote Placepot Betting

Tote PlacepotFor those who wish to have an interest in the afternoons racing the Placepot provides the ideal bet to keep you involved throughout the day. There are Placepots each day at every British race meeting. The objective of the Placepot is to pick a placed horse in all 6 Placepot races at your selected meeting.

Tote Scoop6 Betting and Results

Tote Scoop6Channel 4 usually have most of the Scoop 6 races each Saturday and they do an excellent job of keeping everyone informed as to how many tickets remain after each race. Quite often the win fund gets very large with winners, sometimes can take home 500,000 plus. There is also a bonus fund so the winner of the Scoop 6 has the opportunity to select the winner of the most difficult race on the following Saturday.

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