Market Rasen Tote Quadpot Results and Totepool Dividends

Totesport Quadpot BetsOur tote quadpot results for Market Rasen racecourse are updated after every meeting. Our new service provides all the latest totepool returns and totequadpot dividends for all uk horse racing.

Tote Quadpot Results Archive - Market Rasen

Sunday, 11th March 2018207.30
Sunday, 18th February 201855.00
Tuesday, 6th February 201833.40
Wednesday, 17th January 201827.00
Tuesday, 26th December 2017109.80
Thursday, 7th December 201711.10
Thursday, 7th December 201711.10
Wednesday, 22nd November 201731.70
Thursday, 9th November 20175.90
Monday, 30th October 2017168.90
Saturday, 21st October 20172.70
Saturday, 19th August 201725.10
Sunday, 6th August 20177.40
Saturday, 22nd July 201718.30
Sunday, 9th July 201713.40
Friday, 23rd June 201736.40
Friday, 2nd June 201758.60
Sunday, 21st May 201754.20
Friday, 12th May 201771.40
Thursday, 27th April 201715.70
Sunday, 9th April 2017129.10
Monday, 27th March 201718.00
Sunday, 12th March 201726.90
Sunday, 19th February 201756.30
Wednesday, 18th January 201710.10
Thursday, 1st December 201643.80
Saturday, 26th November 201641.00
Thursday, 17th November 201625.90
Thursday, 3rd November 20169.80
Thursday, 3rd November 20169.80
Saturday, 15th October 201652.30
Saturday, 24th September 20163.30
Saturday, 13th August 201612.50
Sunday, 31st July 201639.80
Saturday, 16th July 201634.20
Sunday, 3rd July 201610.90
Friday, 17th June 20167.40
Friday, 3rd June 201611.00
Wednesday, 25th May 201644.00
Sunday, 15th May 201671.40
Friday, 6th May 2016138.30
Thursday, 21st April 2016145.90
Sunday, 10th April 201649.90
Monday, 28th March 201616.80
Sunday, 13th March 201612.10
Sunday, 21st February 20168.10
Tuesday, 9th February 201642.50
Friday, 22nd January 201610.90
Saturday, 26th December 201570.70
Thursday, 3rd December 201536.20
Thursday, 19th November 201554.40
Thursday, 5th November 201539.20
Saturday, 17th October 201533.40
Monday, 5th October 201512.10
Saturday, 26th September 201510.40
Saturday, 15th August 201552.70
Sunday, 2nd August 2015111.90
Saturday, 18th July 2015260.00
Sunday, 5th July 20153.20
Friday, 19th June 201519.10
Friday, 19th June 201519.10
Friday, 5th June 201517.00
Sunday, 17th May 201516.20
Saturday, 9th May 201521.20
Sunday, 12th April 201518.40
Monday, 6th April 201515.00
Sunday, 22nd March 201519.10
Sunday, 8th March 201531.50
Sunday, 15th February 2015408.70
Thursday, 15th January 201527.40
Friday, 26th December 201446.00
Thursday, 4th December 201446.80
Thursday, 20th November 2014316.60
Sunday, 9th November 201459.20
Saturday, 27th September 201417.40
Saturday, 30th August 201441.80
Saturday, 16th August 20147.60
Sunday, 3rd August 201426.30
Saturday, 19th July 201465.40
Sunday, 6th July 201420.60
Friday, 20th June 20146.90
Friday, 6th June 201414.40
Sunday, 18th May 201415.90
Friday, 9th May 2014257.60
Monday, 21st April 201439.50
Sunday, 6th April 201440.40
Sunday, 23rd March 201441.40
Sunday, 9th March 201414.20
Sunday, 16th February 201464.70
Tuesday, 4th February 20142.90
Thursday, 16th January 20148.70
Thursday, 5th December 2013146.20
Thursday, 21st November 201335.00
Sunday, 10th November 201318.80
Saturday, 28th September 201317.10
Saturday, 31st August 20139.90
Saturday, 17th August 201371.00
Sunday, 4th August 201364.80
Saturday, 20th July 201397.50
Sunday, 7th July 201390.70
Friday, 21st June 20138.30
Sunday, 19th May 201338.60
Friday, 10th May 201359.30
Saturday, 27th April 201334.60
Sunday, 14th April 201320.10
Sunday, 10th March 2013600.10
Sunday, 17th February 20135.60
Tuesday, 5th February 2013158.90
Wednesday, 26th December 201211.60
Thursday, 22nd November 201225.90
Sunday, 11th November 201238.80
Saturday, 29th September 201210.90
Saturday, 1st September 20127.50
Saturday, 18th August 201246.00
Sunday, 5th August 201243.50
Saturday, 21st July 20128.80
Sunday, 8th July 201210.50
Friday, 22nd June 201230.50
Sunday, 22nd January 2012£10.80
Thursday, 1st December 2011£19.80
Thursday, 17th November 2011£7.90
Sunday, 6th November 2011£239.50
Saturday, 24th September 2011£23.10
Saturday, 20th August 2011£7.10
Saturday, 13th August 2011£65.40
Sunday, 31st July 2011£119.00
Saturday, 16th July 2011£308.70
Sunday, 3rd July 2011£98.60
Friday, 24th June 2011£3.70
Friday, 10th June 2011£22.40
Sunday, 15th May 2011£17.50
Monday, 25th April 2011£17.10
Sunday, 3rd April 2011£21.30
Sunday, 13th March 2011£9.70
Sunday, 20th February 2011£45.30
Tuesday, 8th February 2011£7.70
Sunday, 23rd January 2011£27.10
Thursday, 18th November 2010£25.10
Sunday, 14th November 2010£96.30
Sunday, 7th November 2010£23.00
Sunday, 26th September 2010£7.40
Saturday, 25th September 2010£12.60
Saturday, 21st August 2010£47.00
Saturday, 14th August 2010£59.20
Sunday, 1st August 2010£9.70
Saturday, 17th July 2010£29.10
Sunday, 4th July 2010£80.40
Friday, 25th June 2010£25.60
Friday, 11th June 2010£81.20
Sunday, 16th May 2010£27.20
Saturday, 24th April 2010£3.70
Sunday, 11th April 2010£35.80
Tuesday, 30th March 2010£65.80
Sunday, 14th March 2010£19.00
Tuesday, 9th February 2010£12.30
Sunday, 24th January 2010£59.30
Thursday, 3rd December 2009£44.40
Wednesday, 18th November 2009£6.20
Sunday, 15th November 2009£261.00
Sunday, 8th November 2009£775.10
Monday, 28th September 2009£123.20
Saturday, 26th September 2009£6.50
Saturday, 22nd August 2009£65.20
Saturday, 15th August 2009£34.40
Sunday, 2nd August 2009£7.70
Saturday, 18th July 2009£37.70
Sunday, 5th July 2009£61.90
Friday, 26th June 2009£24.60
Friday, 12th June 2009£24.10
Sunday, 17th May 2009£35.60
Saturday, 25th April 2009£10.00
Tuesday, 14th April 2009£3.40
Sunday, 5th April 2009£53.60
Sunday, 8th March 2009£62.20
Monday, 16th February 2009£4.20
Monday, 16th February 2009£4.20
Friday, 26th December 2008£105.10
Thursday, 20th November 2008£7.60
Sunday, 28th September 2008£83.30
Saturday, 27th September 2008£112.90
Saturday, 30th August 2008£5.70
Saturday, 16th August 2008£25.40
Sunday, 3rd August 2008£3.20
Saturday, 19th July 2008£15.10
Sunday, 6th July 2008£152.60
Friday, 27th June 2008£55.20
Friday, 13th June 2008£6.00
Sunday, 18th May 2008£37.70
Saturday, 26th April 2008£44.10
Sunday, 6th April 2008£39.40
Wednesday, 19th March 2008£85.70
Sunday, 9th March 2008£30.20 30.20 30.20 30.20
Sunday, 2nd March 2008£8.50
Tuesday, 5th February 2008£14.20
Wednesday, 26th December 2007£177.60
Thursday, 6th December 2007£19.60
Thursday, 22nd November 2007£66.80
Sunday, 11th November 2007£13.40
Sunday, 30th September 2007£9.90
Saturday, 29th September 2007£21.60
Sunday, 2nd September 2007£10.20
Saturday, 18th August 2007£102.50
Sunday, 5th August 2007£17.90

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Tote Scoop6Channel 4 usually have most of the Scoop 6 races each Saturday and they do an excellent job of keeping everyone informed as to how many tickets remain after each race. Quite often the win fund gets very large with winners, sometimes can take home 500,000 plus. There is also a bonus fund so the winner of the Scoop 6 has the opportunity to select the winner of the most difficult race on the following Saturday.

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