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Stratford Tote Quadpot Results and Totepool Dividends

Totesport Quadpot BetsOur tote quadpot results for Stratford racecourse are updated after every meeting. Our new service provides all the latest totepool returns and totequadpot dividends for all uk horse racing.

Tote Quadpot Results Archive - Stratford

Saturday, 19th October 201943.60
Monday, 7th October 201910.50
Saturday, 7th September 201920.10
Thursday, 22nd August 201978.20
Thursday, 1st August 201948.70
Sunday, 21st July 201922.80
Sunday, 14th July 201911.00
Tuesday, 2nd July 201934.00
Tuesday, 18th June 20193.70
Monday, 10th June 201922.00
Friday, 31st May 20199.50
Sunday, 19th May 201998.10
Sunday, 14th April 2019170.60
Saturday, 30th March 2019111.70
Tuesday, 19th June 201836.80
Friday, 8th June 2018688.40
Sunday, 20th May 201878.10
Sunday, 22nd April 20189.60
Thursday, 2nd November 201730.80
Saturday, 21st October 201773.30
Monday, 2nd October 201726.20
Saturday, 9th September 201715.80
Thursday, 24th August 20179.90
Thursday, 3rd August 20171.80
Sunday, 23rd July 20177.60
Sunday, 16th July 20173.20
Tuesday, 20th June 201716.90
Friday, 9th June 201727.50
Sunday, 21st May 201730.10
Monday, 8th May 201710.80
Sunday, 23rd April 201714.80
Friday, 21st April 201713.80
Saturday, 1st April 201763.40
Saturday, 25th March 201750.00
Thursday, 27th October 201613.80
Saturday, 15th October 201621.50
Saturday, 3rd September 201615.10
Wednesday, 24th August 201634.90
Thursday, 18th August 201613.80
Thursday, 11th August 201636.50
Thursday, 28th July 20164.20
Sunday, 17th July 201630.40
Sunday, 10th July 201622.90
Tuesday, 28th June 201622.10
Tuesday, 14th June 201612.70
Saturday, 21st May 201619.90
Friday, 20th May 201612.30
Sunday, 15th May 201630.30
Saturday, 5th March 201643.80
Thursday, 29th October 201522.60
Saturday, 17th October 201533.30
Monday, 14th September 201516.00
Saturday, 5th September 201527.90
Thursday, 27th August 201595.90
Thursday, 20th August 201520.10
Thursday, 30th July 201524.00
Sunday, 19th July 201529.00
Sunday, 12th July 201511.00
Tuesday, 30th June 201529.60
Monday, 29th June 2015140.20
Tuesday, 16th June 20153.90
Saturday, 30th May 2015156.50
Sunday, 17th May 201529.80
Sunday, 19th April 201534.00
Saturday, 28th March 201517.80
Saturday, 21st March 201555.10
Monday, 9th March 201562.90
Thursday, 30th October 201448.90
Saturday, 25th October 20149.00
Monday, 6th October 2014186.90
Saturday, 6th September 20144.90
Thursday, 28th August 201424.00
Thursday, 31st July 201426.80
Sunday, 20th July 201453.30
Sunday, 13th July 20148.20
Tuesday, 1st July 2014488.70
Tuesday, 17th June 20143.60
Saturday, 31st May 201439.00
Friday, 30th May 20144.30
Sunday, 18th May 201478.80
Sunday, 13th April 201453.20
Saturday, 29th March 201410.70
Saturday, 22nd March 2014440.50
Monday, 10th March 201419.70
Tuesday, 17th September 20137.70
Saturday, 7th September 2013189.70
Thursday, 29th August 20134.60
Tuesday, 13th August 20137.00
Thursday, 1st August 20138.20
Sunday, 21st July 201341.50
Sunday, 14th July 201313.00
Tuesday, 2nd July 20135.50
Monday, 17th June 201312.70
Friday, 7th June 20133.00
Sunday, 19th May 20135.20
Sunday, 21st April 201320.90
Saturday, 13th April 20139.40
Thursday, 1st November 201211.10
Saturday, 27th October 2012224.40
Friday, 28th September 20124.30
Saturday, 8th September 20123.60
Thursday, 30th August 2012103.80
Monday, 20th August 2012133.30
Thursday, 16th August 201212.30
Thursday, 2nd August 201250.50
Sunday, 29th July 2012172.80
Sunday, 15th July 201210.60
Tuesday, 3rd July 201247.80
Sunday, 1st January 201211.50
Thursday, 27th October 201111.20
Saturday, 22nd October 20118.10
Saturday, 3rd September 201116.60
Thursday, 18th August 2011129.60
Thursday, 11th August 201113.80
Thursday, 28th July 2011125.40
Sunday, 17th July 2011151.30
Sunday, 10th July 2011220.80
Tuesday, 28th June 201145.60
Saturday, 28th May 201175.60
Friday, 27th May 201188.20
Sunday, 15th May 20113.30
Sunday, 17th April 201153.80
Friday, 1st April 201127.70
Monday, 14th March 201120.70
Thursday, 28th October 201050.20
Saturday, 23rd October 201010.90
Tuesday, 21st September 201052.00
Saturday, 4th September 201088.00
Thursday, 19th August 201011.80
Thursday, 12th August 201038.20
Thursday, 29th July 2010162.00
Sunday, 11th July 20109.60
Tuesday, 29th June 2010174.90
Sunday, 13th June 201024.60
Saturday, 29th May 201015.70
Friday, 28th May 2010163.90
Sunday, 16th May 2010365.80
Sunday, 18th April 20101,362.10
Saturday, 27th March 201033.90
Monday, 15th March 201028.60
Monday, 8th March 201042.30
Thursday, 29th October 20097.60
Thursday, 29th October 20097.60
Saturday, 24th October 200968.70
Tuesday, 22nd September 200927.20
Saturday, 5th September 200957.40
Thursday, 20th August 200925.40
Thursday, 13th August 200929.10
Thursday, 30th July 200927.00
Sunday, 19th July 200917.80
Sunday, 12th July 200932.20
Tuesday, 30th June 20093.20
Sunday, 31st May 200953.50
Saturday, 23rd May 200950.00
Friday, 22nd May 200941.90
Sunday, 19th April 200919.00
Saturday, 21st March 200926.10
Monday, 9th March 200939.00
Monday, 2nd March 2009365.00
Thursday, 30th October 20088.40
Saturday, 25th October 20089.50
Sunday, 14th September 200823.00
Thursday, 21st August 200861.30
Thursday, 14th August 2008124.10
Thursday, 31st July 200822.60
Sunday, 20th July 20087.70
Sunday, 13th July 200834.40
Sunday, 15th June 200834.20
Saturday, 24th May 2008145.50
Friday, 23rd May 200843.50
Sunday, 20th April 200871.00
Saturday, 29th March 200813.50
Monday, 10th March 200829.10
Monday, 3rd March 2008134.90
Thursday, 1st November 20076.30
Saturday, 27th October 20076.30
Sunday, 16th September 20079.20
Sunday, 9th September 200793.70
Saturday, 8th September 200718.80
Thursday, 23rd August 200777.40
Monday, 13th August 200786.20

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Tote Quadpot
There are a large amount of online betting sites now in the UK and all of the major bookmakers have their own horse racing service you can access on your PC. To attract your custom many of these bookies are offering free bets if you don't already have an account with them. All of these free offers can be used for betting on the tote quadpot bet.

Tote Quadpot Results and Dividends - 19th December


Tote Quadpot Results Archive and Totepool Dividends
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Tote PlacepotFor those who wish to have an interest in the afternoons racing the Placepot provides the ideal bet to keep you involved throughout the day. There are Placepots each day at every British race meeting. The objective of the Placepot is to pick a placed horse in all 6 Placepot races at your selected meeting.

Tote Scoop6 Betting and Results

Tote Scoop6Channel 4 usually have most of the Scoop 6 races each Saturday and they do an excellent job of keeping everyone informed as to how many tickets remain after each race. Quite often the win fund gets very large with winners, sometimes can take home 500,000 plus. There is also a bonus fund so the winner of the Scoop 6 has the opportunity to select the winner of the most difficult race on the following Saturday.

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